About Us


The Grand Quilt Guild was formed in 1996 to preserve, promote and expand the heritage of quilting within our community through education and intergenerational sharing of ideas, skills and love of the craft. The Grand Quilt Guild is comprised of people who enjoy quilting, from beginners to accomplished artists.  The Guild promotes quilting and needlework and is proud of its community endeavours. Each year, the Guild donates quilts and quilt related items to support worthy charities.

An Executive, presented at the Annual General Meeting, governs the Grand Quilt Guild.  The Guild operates under the Constitution and Standing Rules contained in the handbook. 

Working together as a team, the Executive plans, coordinates and supports Guild Activities.



Aims and Objectives

The Grand Quilt Guild is a non-profit organization whose aims are:

  1. To promote and encourage an appreciation of quilting and other needle art as traditional crafts and contemporary art.
  2. Membership is open to all people who are interested in the art of quilting. 
  3. To provide educational opportunities through general meetings, workshops and related activities.
  4. To encourage the exchange of ideas and sharing of interest and information.
  5. To preserve the tradition of quilt making.
  6. To conduct business without monetary gain to any member, with the exception of guest speakers and teachers as stated in the Standing Rules.
  7. To support charitable work through projects proposed by the Guild’s Community Outreach Committee and approved in advance by the Executive. 

Community Outreach and Comfort Quilts